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G  A  M  E  S'    R  E  C  O  M  M  E  N  D  A  T  I  O  N  S

List of Top 4 Games for each category that are supported at all VR Lab experience centres below :
Express your creativity through virtual art and have fun entering your virtual world together with your friends. Show off those dance moves and singing skills while blocking those music beats coming your way!
Tilt Brush  |  Altspace VR  |  RecRoom  |  Audioshield



Explore the world with breath-taking views  embarking on a journey, even under the sea. Face your fear of heights OR be the next best sorcerer with full of magical moments!
Google Earth VR    |    Waltz of the Wizard    |    theBlu    |    Richie's Plank Experience
Lead a healthy lifestyle and keep fit with extremely fun VR games in your virtual world!
Unbreakable Runner    |    Hoops VR    |    Fancy Skiing    |    Thrill of the Fight



Lightsaber Jedi? Slashing samurai? Bowman? Or are you into armory? Get your head in the game and aim at the targets!
Lightblade VR | Fruit Ninja | Holopoint | Skeet VR Target Shooting
Up for accomplishing missions and dicovering mysteries to be solved? These four top games will keep you pumped up for some sheer action!
Call of the Starseed | A Legend of the Luca | Wrath of the Fire God | Vanishing Realms



Survive the zombie apocalypse and prepare for an absolute jumpscare in these VR horror games
that will make your heart beat rapidly and anxious of what lurks inside the haunted places!
HordeZ | Emily Wants To Play | Sisters | The Brookhaven Experiment
Engage in a shooting game with a first-person's perspective that gives you the chills whenever you have an encounter with the prehistoric wildlife.
Island 359  |  Serious Sam VR  |  The Last Sniper  |  The Nest



Share your VR experience with your families and friends to a whole new level.
Onward    |    Hover Junkers    |    Elven Assassin    |    Raw Data
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