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Immerse yourself in your own virtual world with the surreal experience!

Is Virtual Reality suitable for me?

Virtual Reality is suitable for all ages  as long as you're 4 feet tall. It has come to be an interest for groups of crowd mentioned below :

The Curious

Virtual Reality for the Curious homosapiens. Travel the world,  meet & interact with people around the world in VR, play dodgeball, watch a movie, or kill zombies with your newfound buddies halfway across the globe standing by your side. Sounds interesting? Come to VR Lab to experience them all!

The Corporate

Host your corporate events at VR Lab & impress your guests with Virtual Reality. Be it a VR Party or business presentation, VR Lab makes a perfect venue.

The Gamers

VR Lab has drool pads large enough for the average adult gamer. Come drool over our top-notch VR equipment and our long list of contents. Gamers like you will game like you have never game before.

The Academics

Teaching and Learning re-invented with VR technology. Draw in 3D, learn in a fully interactive environment. Engineers & Architects, would you love to walk through your 3D models in VR? You can, only in VR Lab.

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