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VR Lab is formed by a passionate team of Virtual Reality (VR) Tech enthusiast, bringing you the first ever Room-scale VR Technology in Malaysia !
Our vision is to advocate the use of VR Technologies & applications in this ever progressing world by making VR applications and experience accessible & affordable for everyone!

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Co-Founder & CEO of VR Lab Berhad, Dato’ Jack is a seasoned entrepreneur with 21 years experience in the Tech industry. He was named the Top 10 Young Inspiring Entrepreneurs in Malaysia in 2014 and has received numerous other awards.
He came from a middle income family that faced great financial difficulties during his teenage years. Determined to improve the situation, he started a home-based IT business at the age of 17 and made his 1st million profit by the age of 23.
To date he has founded numerous companies in various sectors;
Technology - Virtual Reality, Shared Hosting Services, Property & Tenant Management, Internet Services, F&B, Education and Electrical Consulting Works.


Co-founder & CEO of VR Lab Berhad, Datin Shireen is an experienced and dynamic entrepreneur  whom set up multiple business chains from the education to property and technology industry. She specialized in Strategic Marketing and Brand Building.
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