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V  R     L  A  B     P  R  O  P  E  R  T  Y     S  O  L  U  T  I  O  N

An industry disruptive VR Property Sales Platform. Request for a live demo by filling in the form below!
*subject to appointment basis
V-Prop Touch :  A fully immersive, interactive, multiuser, online portal, to view real estate through VR anytime, anywhere, utilising the HTC Vive.

S  O  L  U  T  I  O  N  S    T  O

P  R  O  B  L  E  M  S    I  N

P  R  O  P  E  R  T  Y

I  N  D  U  S  T  R  Y


Physical presence between
property buyer and seller is required
to view property show unit


F  E  A  T  U  R  E  S

View from every floor

Easily accessible, instant viewing of scenery from real-life perspective with actual height according to the selected floor of any available unit

Common area

Allowing you to freely walk/teleport around an area, with real-life motion reflected in Virtual Reality Environment

Bare & fully furnished

Provides immersive visualisation with the option of furnishing or as an empty unit display

Multiuser & borderless beyond countries

In VR, people from around the world are able to enter the same virtual showroom and discuss

Day & night simulation

Virtually visualise and portray a clearer idea in a day and night cycle

Interact with objects

Ability to interact with objects in VR home is just like in real life

B  E  N  E  F  I  T  S


Property buyer and seller across border can meet together in Virtual Space


Property buyer can feel the space of the actual property without physical being present in virtual reality


Property buyer can interact with the property & communicate with seller just like you are there


Property seller enjoys increase in international property sales

P  A  C  K  A  G  E  S

P  A  C  K  A  G  E  S

3 packages available for property viewing :


Interior layout inclusive furnishing & interaction with objects


Building exterior / common area / facility floor (swimming pool, tennis court, sky garden)


Momento360 | View and share your 360 photos and 360 videos, on the web and in VR

360 VR Photography 

Exterior scenery for VR Environment

360 VR Photography 

Exterior scenery for VR Environment

M  O  R  E    I  N  F  O

 Copyright ©2016 VR Lab Berhad, All Rights Reserved.
 Copyright ©2016 VR Lab Berhad, All Rights Reserved.

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